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    • Remove "Powered by" (No)



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    • Pages (Up to 100)
    • Messages (per month) (Up to 5,000)
    • Files (Upto 10 MB per file) (10)
    • WooCommerce Products (100)
    • Remove "Powered by" (Yes)



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    • Pages (Up to 500)
    • Messages (per month) (Up to 10,000)
    • Files (Upto 10 MB per file) (100)
    • WooCommerce Products (500)
    • Remove "Powered by" (Yes)



    • Chatbots (10)
    • Pages (Up to 2500)
    • Messages (per month) (Up to 40,000)
    • Files (Upto 10 MB per file) (500)
    • WooCommerce Products (2000)
    • Remove "Powered by" (Yes)

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Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? that is trained on our business knowledge or reach out to our support team by sending us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do you offer a free plan?
Yes! Sign up, create your chatbot, test it. You get 7 days to try for free to see how ChatPress can save you money and time!
Where can I download the ChatPress plugin from?
Search for ChatPress AI inside your Plugins are within your WordPress admin. Download the plugin and activate to start configuring your chatbot. You can download the WordPress plugin here :
Is the WordPress plugin free to install?
Yes, but once you install the plugin, you need an API key to create the chatbot.
What type of content is used to train chatbot?
You can select any public pages, posts, WooCommerce products and uploaded files from your Wordpress website. We use WordPress API to fetch your page data.
What happens when my usage quota is over?
We will email you once you have reached 80% of your usage. You can choose to upgrade to continue using the AI. If you do not upgrade once the quota is over, the AI will respond with a message "ChatPress AI is unavailable now. Please contact [email protected]"
Where is my data stored?
We use Open AI to create embeddings from your data and store it in a database hosted on AWS located in EU (Frankfurt) server
How many websites can I put my chatbot on?
You can put the chatbot on as many website as you wish as long as you are within the message quota limit.
How can I contact
You can chat with our chatbot trained with on our business details. If you still need more details and want to talk to a human then write to us at [email protected]
Can I customize the chatbot?
Yes, you can customize the chatbot title, chatbot color, and the your AI chatbot avatar. You will find all the options within the admin are of your WordPress site.
How long does it take to train the chatbot?
It generally takes a few seconds to train a page. So the total time to train your website could be a few minutes depending on how many pages you train.
Will I be able to see the chats users are having with my chatbot ?
Yes, you have complete access to all the chats/interactions with your chatbots. You can see the entire chat history of all the interactions made with your chatbot. We will soon add ability to capture your website visitors's emails if they wish to provide it.
Can i use it with woocommerce?
Yes, integrates with WooCommerce. Our AI intelligently detects if your website visitors are asking about product information, then it shares relevant product information and product links with them.
Can I remove the branding on the chatbot?
Yes, if you are on the Growth or higher plan then you can remove the "Powered by" text from your chatbot.
Does have an affiliate program?
Yes, you can find more information here You can earn 20% commission on all payments within the first 12 months for paying customers you refer to!