WordPress plugin to create custom ChatGPT style chatbot trained on your website

Download and install ChatPress.ai WordPress plugin
Select your pages, posts, custom posts, files, and WooCommerce products
Train and publish your custom chatbot
Use AI as your dedicated customer support specialist
Supports 95+ languages
Try for free. No credit card required.

Train your AI support chatbot on multiple sources of information


Select your WordPress published pages or posts from your WordPress admin


Seemlessly integrate and upsell your WooCommerce products


Use PDF files to train reports, manuals etc.

Everything you need to create your chatbot.

Just follow these simple steps to set up your first chatbot direct from your WordPress admin.

Search for ChatPress AI from your plugins section within your WordPress admin. Install and activate the plugin.

Screenshot from WordPress plugin for ChatPress.ai. Step Install plugin

Want to create your own AI chatbot in WordPress?

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